Light fixtures

This category of products includes luminaires, i.e. a special type of equipment that is primarily used to attach a light source – light bulbs – and connect it to the electrical system. These types of products are commonly called lamps (however, this is not a precise nomenclature, as light sources should be defined in this way). It is the luminaires that largely determine how the lighting in a given room works.

Lighting fixtures – functions

Lighting fixtures have at least a few important functions. First of all, they give the right direction to the luminous flux. The way the luminaire is constructed depends on how the light falls in the room. It looks completely different in the case of sconces, chandeliers or spotlights. The luminaires are designed to diffuse or focus the light in such a way that it fulfills its function in an optimal way in a given place.

In addition, this accessory protects the light source from mechanical damage. The luminaires provide additional protection for light bulbs, which is of particular importance, for example, in the case of lighting used outside the building.

Luminaires also have a very important decorative function. They are an important element of interior design. Due to the huge number of available models, it is possible to choose luminaires for virtually any design, starting from the most classic solutions possible, ending with the most extravagant and original ones.

Types of lighting fittings

Lighting fixtures can be divided in various ways. It is usually classified according to its construction and place of use.

Luminaires differing in construction can be divided into closed and open. The first of them are characterized by the fact that they completely cover the light source. So there is no access to it without removing the lamp. Closed luminaires are most often used to compose additional and decorative lighting. Fully obscured light tends to scatter a lot. The exceptions are point luminaires, which only protect the bulbs against external factors, but do not affect the color, direction and power of the emitted light in any way. The complete opposite of closed luminaires are open models. In them, the light source is not completely protected and it is possible to replace the bulb without dismantling all the protective equipment.

When it comes to the classification of luminaires according to the place of use, a distinction is made between indoor and outdoor models. In shortó– the former are suitable for installation inside buildings. The latter, in turn, can be used outdoors. Outdoor luminaires meet special safety requirements. They are resistant to moisture, dust and changing weather conditions. Therefore, they can be used, for example, in the garden.

How to choose lighting fixtures?

In order for the luminaires to fulfill their function, they should be properly selected. First of all, you should pay attention to how the light will be used in a given place. Luminaires must provide perfect dispersion and direction. For example – if we want the light in a specific room to be bright, strong and concentrated in a specific point, we should opt not only for lamps with appropriate parameters, but also luminaires with a structure that will allow you to achieve the right effect. The choice of luminaires due to their functions is so easy that manufacturers clearly indicate in which situations and circumstances a given fixture works best. Therefore, you can easily find office, emergency, furniture, stair, ceiling, wall luminaires, etc.

Secondly, pay attention to the appearance of the luminaires. These should blend in with the entire interior design. It is worth making them color-coordinate with other finishing elements, e.g. light switches or electrical sockets.

Luminaires come in various variants. Therefore, before buying, you should also verify what sources they are adapted to. You can come across models that are suitable for use only with specific bulbs, e.g. with a narrow bulb, or only with classic halogen bulbs.

Lighting fixtures at – what do we offer?

The online store has a wide selection of various types of lighting fixtures. We offer both indoor and outdoor models. In the case of the former, we have, among others,

  • emergency luminaires, including illuminated information boards about the escape route from the building,
  • luminaires adapted to illuminate the workplace,
  • specialist office fittings,
  • industrial fittings,
  • classic table lamps,
  • plafonds,
  • sconces,
  • wall fixtures,
  • luminaires for children's rooms,
  • specialist industrial fittings,
  • floodlights, projectors, spotlights and more.

Among the outdoor luminaires available on you can find, for example:

  • street luminaires,
  • park luminaires,
  • wall fixtures,
  • recessed luminaires,
  • floodlights, spotlights and projectors, etc.

Besides, the category includes parts for lighting fixtures, e.g. frames, lenses, louvres, reflectors, mounting elements, busducts and housings. The offer also includes various types of flashlights, which can be considered a special type of portable luminaires.

All products available in our store come from reputable manufacturers. We offer accessories from companies such as Awex, Zext, Zamel, Bemko, Berker, Sowar, Skoff, Schneider Electric, Elgo, Holdbox, Elgotech, Energizer, ETI Polam, GE Lightining, LED-POL, Eaton, Navra, Paulmann, Philiips, Lumax, Poltronic and many others. It is possible to select a product based on various technical parameters. We have luminaires adapted to the light source with various caps, e.g. E14, E27, E40, G13, G23, G4, G5, G9, T8, GX4, F7s, etc. In addition, the offer includes models with the following degrees of protection : IK06, IK09, IK10, IP20, IP23, IP30, IP40, IP42, IP43, IP44, IP54, IP55, IP56, IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68, IPX4. The offered luminaires are also available in various color variants. White, black, red, beige, silver, orange, gray, gold, yellow, green, graphite and other products are available. Thanks to this, it is possible to choose the right accessories for virtually any decor.

Before placing an order, please check the availability of a given product in our warehouse. It happens that some luminaires are currently out of stock. At that time, the delivery time of the purchased assortment may be several days. Most orders are processed within three working days. Information about the current availability of products can be found on their cards, just below the technical specification. In case of any doubts regarding the offered luminaires, please contact the Customer Service Department.