Light dimmers
Light dimmers are regulating devices that are used to change the intensity of lighting, e.g. in a given room. The history of their use dates back to the 19th century, and in Poland they were especially popular in the times of the People's Republic of Poland. Now dimmers are making a comeback. Their use allows you to adjust the brightness of the light to your liking or needs. Thanks to this, lighting is an integral part of the interior design. The economic dimension of using this type of equipment is also significant. One of the greatest advantages of light dimmers is the saving of electricity consumption. Light dimmers are usually installed in place of traditional switches. If they are part of an intelligent electrical installation, then they are placed in the switch cabinet. Traditional dimmers operate on the principle of a potentiometer that regulates the parameters of the current flowing to the light source. The situation is slightly different in the case of modern models of attachments. These are electronic devices and in them the role of the potentiometer is played by printed circuit boards. Adjusting the lighting intensity can be based on two types of mechanisms - a traditional knob or buttons. Then we are talking about manually operated dimmers. However, devices controlled remotely using a remote control or even mobile applications on a smartphone are becoming more and more popular. The latter are ideal for smart buildings, where individual systems operate with the least possible human intervention. Many modern units are designed in such a way that they can easily work with, for example, wireless or acoustic switches. Light dimmers are used for various types of lighting. They work well with ordinary light bulbs, but it should be remembered that in classic "bulbs" of the old type, brightness regulators often do not reduce electricity consumption. In addition, it is necessary to choose the right type of dimmer for this type of light source. The same goes for energy-saving bulbs. For them, you should also purchase the appropriate model of the regulator, adapted to work with fluorescent lamps. Light dimmers are also used for halogen lighting (as long as the lamp is powered with a voltage of 230V) and for LEDs, which have recently become extremely popular. The latter, however, require the use of electronic regulators that ensure maximum precision in setting the desired parameters of the current flowing to the lamp. Installation of the wrong type of dimmer will make the life of the LEDs extremely short. It is also worth remembering that light sources based on LED technology work well with dimmers when appropriate electronic systems were used in their construction. Lighting dimmers have a very wide range of applications. In addition to saving on electricity bills, they help to obtain the brightness of the light suitable for good eye health. In a very easy and convenient way, you can even improve the comfort of working at a computer or adjust the brightness of the room so that it is optimal, for example, for reading or watching TV. Light dimmers should also be appreciated by parents who use these devices to provide their children with the perfect light for sleeping in the children's room. Brightness regulators are used not only at home, but also in utility rooms or restaurants. The dimmers are easy to use and so is their standard installation. You can connect the device in place of classic switches yourself, even if you do not have specialist knowledge in the field of electricity. Just remember to always install the equipment on the live wire, not the neutral one. The offer of the store includes several types of light dimmers. We have regulators from several reputable manufacturers. The assortment included rotary dimmers for mounting in the wall, push-button dimmers, two-button dimmers, hybrid dimmers (push-turn), as well as modular regulators intended for installation in switchboards. In addition, we offer dimmers with two types of mounting system - flush-mounted and adapted for installation on a TH-35 rail. We also have a special type of ceiling dimmers. Before buying, it is recommended to carefully check the dimensions of the accessories so that they fit on dedicated surfaces (e.g. narrow space between the doors) and the method of attachment (usually clamps) and the type of connection (usually screw terminals). The various types of dimmers available in the store offer differ in the supported power of the bulbs. The assortment includes products adapted to work with light sources of maximum power: • 96W • 215W • 350W • 500W • 800W • 1000W Some of the dimmers available in the store are multi-module devices. In their case, it is worth checking what maximum power falls on each of the accessory modules. At we have both classic light dimmers and more modern types that are equipped with fuses to protect against short circuits, overloads and overheating of the network. Customers looking for models that perfectly match the interior design can choose accessories in different colors. We offer dimmers in the following colors: beige, white, brown, black, red, graphite, silver, gray, gold and transparent (universal). Thanks to this, the equipment will also fit well with the installed switches and electrical sockets. All our products meet the relevant safety and protection (IP) standards. When choosing the right type of dimmer, it is worth paying attention to several additional parameters, e.g. operating temperature range (especially if we choose equipment for an industrial room), maximum supply voltage, and in the case of devices for remote operation, the range of the radio transmitter. It is also good to pay attention to the material from which the devices are made. Better quality dimmers are usually metal. The slightly cheaper ones are made of hard plastic. Some models can also replace other types of fixtures that are normally installed to keep lighting in your home working properly. For example - we offer light dimmers with the function of a stair switch. Among the other, less popular types of regulators, there are also devices that operate on infrared light. Modern models additionally have several useful functions that facilitate obtaining light with the right intensity in our opinion, e.g. a time switch, the option of remembering the brightness level or e.g. When using lighting dimmers, remember that the light source in the lamp will never reach 100% of its power. If for some reason we want to achieve high brightness in the room, we should choose bulbs with more power and a brighter color.