Led connectors
LED lighting is a very flexible solution that allows for a variety of arrangements, even when we have very little space to use. It gives the possibility to install light sources of different colors. Appropriate cable connectors, ensuring a stable connection of all elements of the installation, help in the quick, easy and aesthetic installation of LED strips. The El12 offer includes screwless, fuse, threaded, LED, lighting and rail connectors. Connectors for LED strips are an element necessary for assembly, because they give the possibility of any connection of LED strips in various configurations and colors. These elements will allow you to fasten two LED strips in a quick and easy way, avoiding soldering. Connectors also allow for easy placement and positioning of the tape in the corners of walls, furniture and suspended ceilings. Additional DC sockets will allow you to quickly connect the installation to a power supply or controller. Many LED lighting systems are equipped with double-sided adhesive tapes, thanks to which their installation is even easier, and using the appropriate connectors, you can easily create very effective lighting, e.g. for a shelf, niche, display case or even a TV set. To stick the tape, just remove the protective cover of the adhesive, and then apply the tape to the prepared substrate (i.e. one from which dust and other dirt have been removed). The tape should be slightly pressed against the surface (too much pressure may cause damage). It is best to stick it to aluminum profiles, metal elements, flat bars or to any surface that can be used as a radiator (heat dissipation). LED strip is usually available in 5-meter rolls, so it is often necessary to cut it. This can be done with ordinary scissors, but it is important to cut only in the places marked on the tape (otherwise the entire section of the material may stop shining).