In this category you will find inverters (or inverters), which are a must-have element of every photovoltaic installation. These are high-class, reliable devices responsible for direct current transformation – obtained from the – to alternating current. Our offer includes, among others: those of Huawei or SolarEdge. What distinguishes them? These inverters achieve one of the best performance results, which is why they are very popular among customers. In addition, they are extremely resistant to damage. The range includes 1- or 3-phase models.

Single or three-phase inverter?

In our shop, a photovoltaic inverter is available, both 1- and 3-phase. Surely you are wondering how they differ from each other – we are in a hurry to answer! A single-phase inverter transfers the entire amount of converted energy to only one phase – the one to which it is connected. On the other hand, the three-phase inverter supplies all phases symmetrically (simultaneously). In addition, according to current standards, for installations above 3.68 kW, you can only choose three-phase inverters – in systems for photovoltaics below 3 kW, it is recommended to use a single-phase inverter.

Solar inverter functions:

  • convert direct current, produced by photovoltaic panels, into alternating current (as it is in the socket),
  • search for maximum power point,
  • care about your safety – if a fault is detected, they shut down the installation,
  • control/monitor the operation of the photovoltaic installation.

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