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This category of products available in our e-shop includes intercoms. These are, of course, simple electronic devices used for short-distance voice communication, allowing you to verify who is trying to get onto your property or inside a residential building. In the past, such products were used primarily in multi-family blocks, now  they are also installed in single-family houses, as well as in industrial facilities and office buildings.

Intercoms - principle of operation

Communication via the intercom takes place without the intermediary of the exchange. For the correct operation of the system, an external gate cassette and a uniphone installed inside the building, i.e. a handset with a wall base, are usually sufficient.

The simplest intercom additionally consists of an electroacoustic amplifier with loudspeakers connected to its input and output. To this you should add an electronic module, a power supply and an electric strike for the entrance gate or door.

The principle of operation is extremely simple – a person wanting to get to the property or home presses the button on the external cassette and thus lets someone on the other side of the system know that he is trying to cross the entrance gate. This signal is received by the indoor unit. The wall-mounted base emits a sound in the form of a simple bell. A person in the building can use the handset to verify who wants to get inside. The gate lock is released with a button, which is usually located on the wall base.

Intercom functions

Intercoms are primarily intended to increase the security of a building or property. Thanks to these devices, you can easily and conveniently open the gate or door only to those people who really should receive such an invitation. This solution is also advantageous due to the fact that the input latches are released somewhat remotely. The host does not have to leave the house or apartment to open the door to the arriving guest. In addition, modern models give the residents the opportunity to get into the property or building without having to use a key. It is enough to enter a dedicated code in the external panel or release the locks using an electromagnetic card, remote control or even a special face detection system.

Types of intercoms

The simplest type of intercoms are analog models. The external unit in the form of a cassette has, depending on the number of serviced premises, an appropriate list of buttons assigned to given apartments and a set of business cards. The installation consists of several wires (usually four, five or six depending on the models). The gate cassette is equipped with a loudspeaker and a microphone. In turn, uniphones in premises usually have the form of a hanging telephone handset. The wires connect the microphone in the door cassette with the headphones in the uniphones, the microphones in the uniphones with the loudspeaker in the door cassette, and also send the bell signal from the cassette button to the selected uniphone. In older models, there were two wires used to activate the gate's electric strike with 12V alternating current (applicable to intercoms installed with six wires). However, this solution has been replaced with a system in which switching on the electric strike is carried out by shorting the microphone wire in the uniphone with the ground wire of the system with a button, which activates the relay or the triac controlling the electric door strike. For this reason, these constructions have only four wires.

Analog intercoms, however, are being replaced by digital ones. These are more modern versions of doorphones based on microprocessor technology. In them, the external cassettes have a numeric keyboard, which can be used to select the number of the apartment to which the information signal is to be sent. This also allows the residents of the building to get inside the facility without using a key, but only by entering an individual access code. Cassettes in digital intercoms are also equipped with modern displays, usually backlit, which enables their convenient use also after dark. It is also much easier to install digital intercoms. The assembly is based on the appropriate connection of two wires.

What is a video intercom?

Video intercom is a special type of intercom, which is additionally equipped with a video camera. This solution allows you to verify who gets into the house or property not only by voice, but also by appearance. The system works very much like standard digital doorphones. The camera is located in the external cassette, while the internal unit has a small LCD display. Modern models of this type of equipment, mainly installed in intelligent buildings, allow you to release the gate or door lock based on face or eye detection.

What is a uniphone?

The uniphone is simply a handset attached to the indoor unit. One cassette located at the gate can support many uniphones. It happens that these types of communication tools allow you to connect with each other, which, for example, facilitates remote connection between several premises or rooms. In the past, this solution was used in some office buildings.

Intercoms, uniphones and video intercoms in the store's offer

The store offers many types of intercoms, video intercoms and unfinished. We sell products such as door stations (classic and equipped with an encryption system), complete intercom sets with mounting elements, panels for external cassettes, front panels and many others. We have accessories adapted to various facilities, both residential and industrial. Our offer includes intercoms and components for doorphones coming only from reputable manufacturers, e.g. F&F or Kontakt-Simon.

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