insulating tapes

This product category includes insulating tapes used e.g. for immediate insulation of electric wires or other current-carrying elements. Compared to other adhesive tapes, it is distinguished by high flexibility, resistance to moisture and, most importantly, – has insulating properties. The use of this type of product is not limited to broadly understood electrical works. Insulating tape is also used to perform a number of simple (often temporary) repairs, especially on elements made of plastic or rubber.

Insulating tape is a product that should be in virtually every toolbox. Its universal application makes it suitable for many repair works – both simple and slightly more advanced. Even insulating electrical wires with this type of tape can be done by a person who does not have an electrician's license. This is because it is a very simple type of processing, and the use of insulating veneer seems to be a trivial activity. From a technical point of view, it should be handled almost in the same way as classic office adhesive tape. In fact, insulating tape is its special, more durable variant.

Use of insulating tape

The insulating tape is able to effectively isolate and protect the exposed ends of electric wires, which are under voltage of up to 600 V. In addition, it is good for wrapping cables and supports their fastening, masking, repairing, wrapping or connecting.

Insulating tape is also a product that significantly facilitates the marking of wires with colors (so-called coding). It is worth mentioning here that tapes of this type must meet the PN-EN 60446:2004 standard Basic and safety rules for human-machine interaction, marking and identification - Identification markings of wires with colors or numbers. For this reason, they are most often available in the following color variants:

  • black,
  • red,
  • grey,
  • yóyellow and green,
  • yellow,
  • orange,
  • blue,
  • white.

Insulating tapes are not only used to glue wires together, but can also be used to repair other elements. With their help, you can create permanent connections of plastic or rubber elements. They are often used to patch holes, e.g. in beach toys. This product is waterproof, so it is perfect for sealing joints that will come into direct contact with moisture. The insulating tape is also widely used in the heating industry and in the assembly (or repair) of ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Due to the fact that the insulating tape is resistant to many chemicals, it is also used in car mechanics.

Types of insulating tapes

There are several types of insulating tapes. They differ from each other in the material of manufacture, and thus the application.

The most popular are PVC tapes characterized by great versatility of use. This is a simple type of repair veneers. These tapes are very flexible, stretchable, durable, self-extinguishing, suitable for installation inside and outside the building.

More specialized are fabric tapes, reinforced with a fabric mesh. Compared to products made of PVC, they show greater durability. They are also easier to apply.

There are also self-fusing insulating tapes on the market. They are used for temporary repairs of rubber products, such as garden hoses. They do not have an adhesive layer. Nevertheless, they strongly adhere to the substrate and form a coherent protective layer on it.

We should also mention heat-shrink insulating tapes. They adapt to the shape of the repaired element under the influence of temperature. For this reason, they are very good at repairing electrical wires and connecting them.

High-temperature insulating tapes are used to make connections that are intended to function in more difficult conditions.

Advantages of insulating tape

Insulating tape has many advantages. First of all, it is a very versatile product, suitable for use in many repair jobs. Even the simplest type of tape made of PVC is characterized by a very high degree of adhesion. This also applies to uneven and rough substrates, e.g. wooden or concrete.

Insulating tapes are flexible and easy to handle. In addition, it is resistant to rust. In combination with water resistance and heat resistance, it is a very durable and effective repair agent.

The big advantage of insulating tapes is their price. PVC veneers usually cost a few zlotys. Slightly more expensive are specialized types, e.g. high-temperature. However, taking into account the wide range of use of the product and its durability, the value for money seems to be at least very good.

Insulation tapes in the store's offer

In the online store, we offer various types of insulating tapes. We have both simple tapes made of PVC, as well as more durable material, self-amalgamating or self-vulcanizing models. Variants of various lengths are available. It is possible to buy insulating tape in many colors, e.g. in black, red, yellow-green, blue, white or grey.

We sell tapes only from reputable manufacturers. The offer includes products of such brands as 3M, Atagor, Bemko, Haupa, Kanlux, Rawplug and Trytyt.

Orders placed in our store are usually processed within a maximum of three working days. The exceptions are situations when a given tape type is not currently available. During this time, the delivery time may be extended to several weeks. Information about current stock levels can be found on the card of each product, next to the technical specification. In case of doubts related to the properties of a given tape or the availability of the assortment, please contact our Customer Department.