Impulse power supplies
The switched-mode power supply is one of the two (next to the so-called traditional) most popular types of power supplies. One of its greatest advantages is high efficiency. Switching power supplies are otherwise called voltage converters. Their design is based on a digital system that switches the voltage with high frequency and controls its average value by means of the so-called PWM modulation. Unlike traditional power supplies, in impulse power supplies, the alternating voltage is rectified at the very beginning and its peak value is smoothed by capacitors. In this type of devices, the frequency of pulses is much higher than the frequency of the power grid, thanks to which the transformers used in switching power supplies can be much smaller than in the case of traditional transformer power supplies. Therefore, switched-mode power supplies are increasingly replacing traditional transformers mainly due to their very high efficiency and very low losses, as well as voltage stability. Their advantage is also smaller size and relatively low weight and resistance to network interference. All this means that switch-mode power supplies are currently used in virtually all devices connected to the mains voltage (the wide input voltage range allows them to be used in all countries of the world). They can be found, for example, in TV sets, computers, mobile phone chargers, etc. The store's offer includes e.g. industrial switching power supply for power supply systems for electrical and electronic devices in industrial automation systems and IT networks or switching power supply for automation systems with direct mounting on a rail. For the safe and effective use of the power supply, the conditions in which it works are very important, especially the temperature (too high, the device may fail more often). Therefore, ensure that the power supply has effective ventilation and heat dissipation. It is also important not to overload it to the maximum. Due to the high operating frequency of the converter, some very sensitive radio or microprocessor devices may not work properly in the presence of a switched-mode power supply. In this case, it is recommended to install special filters between the power supply and the receiver.