Hooks and clamps
Hooks and clamps are fastening and securing accessories, used e.g. when installing an overhead power line. During the design of such lines, they should be protected, among others by: against environmental factors, therefore hooks and clamps must be resistant to heavy loads and changing weather conditions. Turnbuckles in this category are two rods threaded at the ends and connected by an elongated nut. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to tighten them by twisting the nut. Hook bolts are used for for hanging through holders that fix insulating wires on poles and walls of buildings. The screw has a thread on one side, but on the other - instead of a classic head - it is ended with a hook. The listed screws, hooks and clamps are mostly made of steel, because this material guarantees their durability. The offer includes screws that differ in the length of the shank and thread, the inner diameter of the eyelet, and the type of shank. After installation, most of them are exposed to moisture, wind and temperature changes, which is why they are hot-dip galvanized. This treatment provides them with a very high resistance to corrosion. Some of them are sold in a set with an additional plastic cover. Fastening, strapping and binding requiring higher durability, strength and durability is possible with "Band It" tapes. Stainless chrome-nickel tapes are offered in rolls of 30.5 m. They are also available in practical plastic carriers for easy unwinding. Roll packaging allows you to adjust the length of the strip to your specific requirements, thus reducing waste. Using the belt tensioner (C001) it is possible to fasten not only cables or pipes, but also pressure hoses, because in this way a tension force of even more than 1 ton is obtained.
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