Hermetic electrical sockets

This product category includes hermetic electrical sockets. This is a special type of equipment that allows you to connect various electrically powered equipment to the network, adapted for installation in rooms with high humidity. Compared to classic contacts, hermetic sockets are distinguished by a special design. Thanks to this, water vapor or water drops do not get inside the equipment, which could lead to short circuits, which in turn may damage the equipment connected to the network or cause a failure of the entire installation.

Hermetic sockets (also called splash-proof) are installed primarily in bathrooms. They are also found in toilets, kitchens as well as in workshops, basements, garages, utility rooms or even in children's rooms. Installation of this type of equipment is advisable in principle wherever the cable connection of a given equipment to the electrical network can be disrupted by the operation of various external factors. We are talking here not only about the already mentioned moisture, but also about dust.

Construction of hermetic socket

A standard hermetic socket is equipped primarily with a special flap made of plastic. It is the basic protection of the equipment against water or other materials getting inside. This element also well masks the socket openings from children. The flap prevents inserting fingers or toys into the socket, thus protecting the youngest members of the household against possible electric shock. For this reason, this type of equipment is sometimes installed in children's rooms.

Apart from the flap itself, the hermetic socket should be equipped with a gasket. This rubber element additionally increases the level of resistance of the equipment to splashing water or other liquids. The gasket is able to prevent a short circuit, e.g. in a situation where condensation appears on the wall where the socket is located.

Modern models of hermetic sockets are additionally equipped with a backlight. This is to facilitate the use of the equipment in poor (e.g. decorative) light. In the past, contacts of this type had a rather crude and visually unattractive design. Currently, it is possible to choose hermetic sockets in almost any color and pattern, thanks to which they can be easily integrated into rooms decorated in even the most extravagant style.

Hermetic socket – types

A hermetic nest can appear in various forms. First of all, it should be mentioned that this type of equipment is suitable for both surface and flush mounting. In each of these cases, however, it is necessary to obtain the appropriate type of hermetic contacts beforehand. As with classic sockets, the main difference between them is the way it is attached to the wall. In addition, the accessories in the surface-mounted and flush-mounted versions do not differ from each other and are to perform exactly the same functions.

Hermetic sockets are also divided according to the degree of resistance to various factors. The IP marking of the product informs about what the equipment is protected against. The most popular hermetic sockets are:

  • IP44 – basic protection against foreign particles larger than 1 millimeter and against water splashes.
  • IP45 – protection against particles of foreign bodies larger than 1 millimeter and protection against a water jet of 12.5 l/min poured on the socket housing. This is the most commonly used type of hermetic sockets, most often found in residential buildings.
  • IP55 – protection against dust and protection against a stream of water equal to 12.5 l/min poured onto the socket housing. Equipment intended for industrial and economic use.
  • IP65 – completely dustproof sockets, additionally guaranteeing protection against a water jet of 12.5 l/min poured onto the socket housing. Used in heavy industry (mainly in rooms with extremely difficult working conditions).

Hermetic socket and grounding

The hermetic sockets, like the classic versions of this equipment, can be purchased both with and without a grounding pin. Models with grounding should be used everywhere, or at least in rooms where it is planned to connect devices that need large amounts of power to the network (e.g. electronics and household appliances). The pin is designed to ensure the safe and proper functioning of these accessories. In the event of the so-called breakdown, devices connected to the network should not fail.

What to look for when buying a hermetic socket?

When choosing a hermetic socket, you should first of all determine in which room it will be installed. This is because the correct selection of the model in terms of its degree of resistance to unfavorable factors for the installation depends on it. Therefore, depending on the conditions prevailing in a given space, you should choose models with the appropriate IP symbol.

If you plan to connect more devices in a given place, it is recommended to purchase models with several contacts. This will definitely make it easier to use the equipment. One must not forget about aesthetic issues as well. Nevertheless, a hermetic socket should not be conspicuous and blend in with the design of a given interior.

Hermetic sockets in the store's offer

On we have various types of hermetic sockets. We offer models of various sizes, adapted for surface and flush mounting, as well as for frame and frameless installation. We have contacts with degrees of protection IP44, IP45, IP55, IP65 and less popular IP20, IP54 or IP66.

Depending on preferences, it is possible to choose rectangular, square and oval shaped sockets. We offer accessories in many colors – among others black, white, grey, graphite, gold, silver, brown, beige and red. Our assortment includes contacts with classic grounding and schuko sockets.

In the store you can find accessories coming only from reputable manufacturers. We sell hermetic sockets of such brands as ABB, Berker, Schneider Electric, Legrand, Merten, Karlik, Kontakt-Simon, Sez, Elektro-Plast Nasielsk and many others. At the same time, we offer solutions with additional switches (unipolar, stair, serial, candlestick and universal).

The technical specification of each product is on its card. There you can also find information about the approximate time of order fulfillment. As a standard, it is a maximum of three working days, unless the socket is not currently in our stock. In such a situation, the ordered contact goes to the address indicated by the customer within a maximum of a few weeks.