Fuse sockets and accessories
One of the basic types of protection installed in the electrical installation are fuses equipped with replaceable fuse-links. This equipment protects receivers and installations against the effects of short circuits and overloads occurring in the network. When the current is too high, part of the fuse melts, thus breaking the continuity of the electrical circuit. The reaction time is directly proportional to the intensity value. Protections based on fuse links are the most effective method of protection against overcurrents, because they are able to disconnect short-circuits with values up to 100kA. They are used both in home installations and cable connectors as well as main and transformer switchgears. However, fuses only fulfill their function when properly installed. This is made possible by the fuse sockets in this category in the El12 offer, as well as other elements, such as: bases, contacts, calibrated inserts, terminals. Fuse sockets are used for two types of fuses: type D fuses and small size fuses type D0. The sockets differ in terms of the number of poles, as well as the method and place of assembly. Board, also called surface-mounted, are intended for surface installation. On the other hand, panel-mounted sockets are installed in old-type switchgears made on insulating plates of rezokart or rectolite, so they are not used in modern construction. These sockets have mounting screws, which at the same time replace the terminals to which the phase conductors are connected. The next group consists of busbar sockets, which are installed in switchgears for modular apparatus, in which there are mounting rails. They are made of porcelain or plastic. In order to use fuses in sockets, it is necessary to equip the devices with fuse heads. They should be adapted to the sockets, the maximum current of the fuse insert and the type of thread. If the design of the socket has a recessed bottom contact with the threaded hole, a bottom insert may also be required. Some models, in turn, require the use of a fuse cover or fuse pockets, which are also included in the El12 offer.
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