Flush-mounted boxes

This product category includes installation boxes intended for installation under plaster or behind a drywall. It is one of the basic elements of electrical installations functioning in residential, office or industrial buildings. Flush-mounted boxes allow for easy and aesthetic installation of various types of accessories, such as connectors and sockets. These products come in many variants, thanks to which it is easy to choose them according to your preferences or needs.

What is the difference between flush-mounted and surface-mounted boxes?

In terms of usability, flush-mounted boxes do not differ from models adapted to be mounted on plaster. Both types of accessories are primarily used for easy and safe construction of subsequent elements of the electrical installation. However, the products are adapted to be placed elsewhere. Flush-mounted boxes are constructed in such a way that they can be easily masked under the wall surface. They have special finishing components with which the installation depth can be adjusted. The installation connection is inside a sealed shell. The box effectively protects a given installation element and increases its service life. The whole thing is additionally covered with a special cover. The box hidden under the plaster is almost invisible, thanks to which it does not disfigure the interior design. Surface-mounted models also effectively protect installation connections, but they are located on the wall surface, which is not always desirable for aesthetic reasons. Therefore, this type of equipment is most often used in industrial spaces.

Basic types of flush-mounted boxes

The flush-mounted boxes are primarily used to mount sockets and switches. For this purpose, round models with a diameter of 60 millimeters are primarily used. They are placed in specially prepared wall openings. There are several types of such cans. First of all, they are divided into those adapted to masonry and cardboard-gypsum surfaces. The latter are equipped with special “claws” providing greater stability to the assembly. In addition, in both cases, the attachments are available in shallow (40 millimeters), deep (60 millimeters) and extra deep (80 millimeters) variants. The last two mentioned types are used when branching cables are used. A special type of cans are the so-called pocket models. They are characterized by a specific longitudinal structure and are adapted to embedding specialized electrical or electronic devices. The widened sides of the box allow for placing additional elements next to the built-in flange of the box.

The flush-mounted boxes with a diameter of 60 millimeters are also available in variants with and without installation screws. For the installation of sockets, it is recommended to use models equipped with screws, as this allows for relatively easy mounting of the accessories inside the shell.

Flush-mounted boxes for branching and connecting cables

Slightly different flush-mounted boxes are used for branching and connecting electrical wires. In this case, round models with diameters of 70, 80 and 120 millimeters are distinguished, as well as square models with dimensions from 76x76x52mm to 156x400x70mm. These boxes are rarely used in homes, because they are equipped with lids that stand out clearly on the wall surface and do not look very aesthetic. For this reason, they are slowly moving away from their use. It happens that small-size controllers and receivers are placed in this type of boxes. These types of shells are usually mounted high – about 20 centimeters below the ceiling.

Linear flush-mounted boxes for multiple sets

If there is a need to make multiple connections, then special serial boxes are used. Depending on the model, they allow you to create double, triple, quadruple and fivefold sets. The fittings ensure adequate spacing between successive batches of installation. These boxes also facilitate the equal installation of several sockets next to each other. The great advantage of this type of equipment is the option to freely assemble the cans into larger sets, depending on individual needs. It is worth mentioning their rigid construction – shells for serial multiple sets are less susceptible to deformation than standard boxes adapted for installation under plaster.

Flush-mounted boxes and the degree of fire resistance

Flush-mounted boxes are made in three basic types of flammability:

  • ordinary - resistant to heat up to 650°C,
  • self-extinguishing, halogen-free - heat resistant up to 850°C,
  • fireproof E90, self-extinguishing, halogen-free - heat resistant up to 960°C.

Some manufacturers apply color coding to individual cans with a given type of fire resistance. In the case of installation in masonry walls, there is no need to use self-extinguishing models, because fire does not develop in such spaces. Heat resistant models from 850 to 960°C should be installed in hollow walls where fire is easily spread. Cans made of self-extinguishing materials effectively suppress fire and do not lead to its spreading. Halogen models additionally prevent smoking.

It is also worth mentioning special boxes adapted to rooms with controlled air flow (equipped with central ventilation and in the so-called passive buildings). In such cases, it is recommended to use windproof cans with membranes. Their design prevents the formation of blow-bys into pipes and ducts in the installation.

Flush-mounted boxes in the offer of the store

On you can find many types of flush-mounted boxes adapted for installation in both brick and drywall walls. We have models of various shapes – round, oval, square and rectangular. We also offer items made of such materials as ABS, PP, PS, stainless steel, plastic and thermoplastic.

It is possible to select accessories with different degrees of protection. The offer includes boxes marked with the symbols IP12, IP20, IP30, IP40, IP43, IP44 and IP55. In addition, we have standard and non-flammable models.

You can use boxes in specific colors to mark the construction and maintain order in the installation. White, black, red, blue, orange, grey, green, yellow and silver items are available in our store.

In addition, we offer flush-mounted boxes of various widths, depths and heights.

On you can find only accessories from reputable manufacturers. We sell cans of such brands as Berker, Elektro-Plast, Emiter, Simet, Ospel, EM Group, Legrand, Tadpol, Trytyt, Spelsberg and many others.

Before purchasing a given can, please check the current stock levels. If a specific model is not currently in stock, then the delivery time may be longer. As a standard, purchases made in our store are delivered to the address indicated by the customer within three working days. Information about the current stock levels can be found on the card of each product, next to the technical specification.