Floorstanding speakers

This product category includes floorstanders. This is a special type of electrical equipment, adapted to be mounted above the floor, enabling the connection of a number of devices powered by electricity to the network. Due to the method of installation, arrangement of sockets, their type and design, floor columns are mainly used in office spaces.

Floor columns, also called column blocks, towers or power poles, can be simply defined as a set of sockets arranged in series inside an oblong body, to which a larger number of devices that need power are connected. These types of products usually also include ICT sockets (enabling, for example, connecting the equipment directly to the Internet network functioning in a given building). The main task of the floorstanding speakers is to simplify the connections of the power cables in the room as much as possible. This type of equipment makes it easier to connect the equipment to the mains, allows you to mask and organize part of the wiring and reduces the number of sockets mounted in the walls. Although floor columns are most often used in offices, they are also more and more often installed in residential buildings, primarily in modern single-family houses (e.g. in living rooms equipped with numerous multimedia equipment or private offices).

Floor column – construction

The floor column is an accessory with a relatively simple design. The equipment consists mainly of a certain number of modules (sockets), which are sealed in a rectangular housing. The latter can be made of plastic or aluminum. The shell of the column is usually equipped with a fastening system appropriate for a given model. The whole thing must also be connected to the electrical network located in the building. The place to lead the cable to the column is usually at the bottom of the product.

Types of floorstanders

Floor speakers come in several variants. The basic classification is based on the type of modules fitted to the attachment. The sockets inside the block do not have to only support power plugs, but they can also be slots for various types of data communication cables. Classic blocks consist mainly of six modules, located on one side. However, there are more complex columns on the market with twelve sockets located on both sides of the equipment.

Posts of this type can come in various sizes. Standard columns are usually not more than 50 centimeters high. There are smaller models, called mini-columns or mini-towers. These are equipped with four socket modules in the single-sided version or eight slots in the case of double-sided versions. As the name of these models indicates, they are significantly lower than traditional loudspeakers. They also have a different shape, more like a cube.

Some models of columns are suitable not only for mounting directly to the floor surface. Some of them can also be easily installed in suspended ceilings. Here, however, it is important that the column is equipped with an appropriate fastening system.

Floor column and teleblock – what's the difference?

A special type of column is the so-called teleblock This is electrical equipment that performs a similar function as the tower, but differs from it in its construction. Teleblok is in the form of a telescope. A series of modules is hidden in a special casing, and the whole mechanism works on the principle of a rail structure. Teleblocks are primarily installed in furniture tops. This type of equipment is used in offices, but also in workshops using devices that do not require large amounts of electricity, and in the kitchen. The big advantage of the teleblock is the ability to hide it in the countertop when it is not currently in use. This allows you to keep more working space on a given piece of furniture and at the same time protects modules with sockets, e.g. against dust.

What to pay attention to when choosing a floorstanding speaker?

In order for a floorstanding loudspeaker to fulfill its function, it is first necessary to determine how many sockets it should be equipped with. It is also important to verify which specific modules this hardware must contain. Before buying, it is also recommended to plan the place of mounting the post. This will make it easier to select a given model in terms of the installation elements it has and the location of the power cord.

The aesthetics of the equipment is also important. Currently, loudspeaker casings are made not only of various materials, but also in various colors and patterns. This allows you to better select the product in order to integrate it into the interior design.

It is worth remembering that the installation of most floorstanders requires the use of dedicated grilles. Information on additional elements necessary to carry out installation works should be found on the product card and its packaging.

Floor speakers in the store's offer

In the store you can find various types of floorstanders. We offer classic four- and six-module towers with sockets for power plugs and ICT cables. In addition, our assortment also includes double-sided five-module columns, compact mini-towers, oval columns and teleblocks adapted to be mounted in furniture tops. Depending on individual preferences, it is possible to choose columns in various colors – grey, white, black and silver. We have models enclosed in plastic and aluminum housings.

We sell speakers only from reputable manufacturers. The offer of the store includes accessories of such brands as Emiter or Kontakt-Simon.

Orders placed on are processed within three working days. The only exceptions are products that are currently not available in our warehouses. Approximate order fulfillment time, together with information about current stock levels, can be found on each product's card, just below the technical specification.