Fiber optic and telecommunication cables

Dynamic, continuous development of Internet and telecommunications services requires the use of ever faster connections for data transmission. Fiber optic technology in particular needs high-quality materials. Fiber optic and teletechnical cables available in our store are divided into the following subcategories: intercom cables, teletechnical local telephone cables, station telephone cables, station fiber optic cables and fiber optic cables for building long-distance networks. If you are looking for proven and decent installation solutions, you couldn't find better! We offer reliable fiber optic cables at attractive prices!

Optical cables – basic installation

In this category you will find, above all, fiber-optic cables, which are necessary to install a cable that improves data transmission without interference using a light wave – optical fiber. Such cables contain one or more glass fibers carrying light pulses, with the help of which optical fiber transmission is possible. The fibers of the fiber optic cable are covered with a layer of polymer, which is responsible for protecting the element. Fiber optic cabling is particularly resistant to electromagnetic interference, and also has a special feature, which is the ability to transmit data with a huge bit rate. All this makes this modern technology more and more popular, displacing traditional solutions.

Wide selection of products in the latest technology

The choice of fiber optic cable depends on the planned installation area, range and existing threats. In the offer of our warehouse you can find outdoor fiber optic cables (OSP – OutSide Plant), which are additionally reinforced so that they are resistant to weather conditions prevailing outside, contact with water, as well as possible animal attacks. We also have fiber optic cables for indoor use (premises cables).

If you are looking for solid, proven solutions in this area, bet on the range of fiber optic and technical cables from our store! We provide support at every stage of purchasing. Welcome!