electronic transformers

The essential feature of a transformer is that it changes the value of alternating voltage and current at a constant frequency without the use of mechanical energy. In addition to power transformers (power transformer), measuring transformers (current and voltage transformers), control transformers, welding transformers, rectifier transformers, phase shifters, etc. are also used.

Electronic transformers are devices used in home installations to power low-voltage light bulbs – e.g. halogen lamps or LED strips. They are necessary to install economical low-voltage lighting in the apartment, and their primary task is to reduce the voltage from 230 V to 12 V.

Electronic transformers are designed to provide soft-on voltage as well as short-circuit and overload protection. They are distinguished by their small size and low weight and are a modern alternative to toroidal transformers.

The transformer consists of a closed iron core with wound windings (usually copper). In electronic models, the insulated winding is usually poured with polyurethane mass and placed in a plastic housing.

How an electronic transformer works

The task of the transformer is to change the parameters of the transmitted AC electricity from one voltage to another with the same frequency. The transformer has at least two windings, galvanically separated from each other, wound on the core columns. The core of the transformer is its magnetic circuit and is made of mutually insulated sheets.

Depending on the direction of energy flow through the transformer, the windings are divided into primary and secondary windings. The primary winding takes energy from the source, and the secondary winding gives energy to the receiver. The alternating current reaches the primary winding and creates an alternating magnetic field which, conducted through the transformer core, flows through the secondary winding. This is how the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction occurs, which lowers the voltage.

Electronic transformers available in the El12 store offer can be chosen due to:

  • price,
  • manufacturer,
  • primary voltage,
  • secondary voltage,
  • power

Before purchasing, you should carefully consider the parameters of the equipment, because an inadequate power supply system or too many powered bulbs can overload the entire system and cause the lighting system to fail.