Electrical equipment

Electrical equipment


Electrical equipment

Electrical equipment is an essential element of every building's equipment, which allows you to conveniently and safely use the electricity network. This collective term covers various types of accessories necessary to operate devices connected to the network, such as:

  • enablers,
  • buttons,
  • electric sockets,
  • plugins,
  • plates for antenna sockets.

Electrical accessories are also elements used when creating installations in the building, i.e. installation boxes, cable trays and ducts, wiring trunkings.

The quality of all the above-mentioned elements has a direct impact on the safety and convenience of using the electrical network in the building, which is why the el12.pl offer includes products from reputable suppliers, made in accordance with applicable regulations and standards.

Electrical equipment available in the el12.pl warehouse has been divided into three main categories:

  • IT equipment,
  • buttons and cassettes,
  • installation and housing accessories.

Electrical equipment for ICT network

ICT equipment is all kinds of elements used to create networks whose task is to receive and transmit various types of signals. Such networks are to ensure processing, storage, as well as sending and receiving data using the appropriate terminal device.

The el12 offer in the ICT EQUIPMENT subcategory includes:

  • network devices - this is network equipment designed both for a single-family home or a small company, as well as for large, modern server rooms.
  • patch cords (also known as patch cords or patch cords) – i.e. short wires used to transmit electrical or optical signals,
  • IT sockets for data transfer,
  • heads and junction boxes (both flush-mounted and surface-mounted) - used to connect elements of home installations,
  • patch panels (also called patch panels) are elements of computer and telecommunications networks defined as passive. Their main task is to connect network devices with receivers. Patch panels are most often mounted in rack cabinets (IT and server cabinets),
  • mounting systems (including mounting profiles, frames, cable organizers, etc.).

A separate subcategory are ICT ACCESSORIES, among which we can find e.g. splice and plug covers, cable organizer and connector, linear connector for busbars, symmetrical electric strike with a lock, adapter, controller, wall switchboard, GSM module, antennas.

Buttons and cassettes, i.e. the basic visible elements of electrical equipment

Control pendants are mainly used in construction and factories. They are used for remote control of hoists, cranes, machine tools, electric hoists and many other machines. Due to their very specific use in a demanding environment, the materials used to build the cassettes are resistant to weather conditions, temperature changes and are shockproof. Depending on the model, the cassettes can also be characterized by a very high degree of protection against the penetration of solids or moisture (such solutions can be used, for example, in production halls where a lot of dust and dust floats or where there is a risk of splashing devices).

In addition to control pendants, the el12.pl offer in this category also includes: buttons in housings, as well as buttons and signal lamps, as well as panel buttons.

Electric installation and housing equipment

Installation accessories are used to make a safe electrical network, the elements of which will be additionally comfortable, ergonomic and aesthetic. Therefore, it is not only cable trays, installation pipes, strips, but also sockets, frames, connectors, touch panels, sensors (motion, smoke, temperature, etc.). Modern electrical installation equipment is also a decorative element, which proves the aesthetics of the room in which it has been installed.

The el12.po offer in this category includes the following items:

  • sockets (including: mains, rtv, surface-mounted and for pvc ducts, computer, telephone, splash-proof, insulating, metal, panel),
  • boxes (surface-mounted, flush-mounted and floor-mounted),
  • extension cords (single-phase and three-phase, as well as accessories for extension cords),
  • connectors (surface-mounted and PVC ducts, flush-mounted splash-proof and others)
  • bells, buzzers and gongs,
  • call systems (otherwise known as paging systems), which are used to notify about the occurrence of emergencies or to summon personnel. They are most often used in such facilities as hospitals, nursing homes or sanatoriums, as well as hotels and boarding houses, restaurants and cafes.
  • installation and housing accessories (including e.g. frames, keys and plates for sockets, sealing flanges, adapters and many others),
  • plugs (single-phase, panel, metal, insulating),
  • knx/eib hardware (used in the intelligent building automation system),
  • multi-plugs (allowing to place several wires in one plug).

Modern electrical equipment is more than functionality

Today, in design and construction, attention is paid not only to the functionality and quality of workmanship, but also to the aesthetic value of even the smallest, but visible elements. Therefore, if the entire room has been professionally arranged, then the electrical equipment should also fulfill a decorative function in it, harmonizing with the elements of the environment.

Manufacturers of electrical equipment are fully aware of this trend, which is why they outdo each other in designing sockets, switches and frames in more and more interesting shapes and colors. Many companies in this industry cooperate with the best industrial designers. An example of this trend can be switches, professionally called installation switches, used to manually control electricity receivers (usually lighting fixtures). In addition to the models that have been offered for years in an unchanged, traditional form and color (usually white), there are also modern solutions available, referring to current trends in design. The market offer of switches is very rich, so you can easily choose those that will match the style of the room in which you want to install them, and will also fulfill additional functions.

The el12.pl offer includes dozens of designs of electrical equipment from various manufacturers. Thanks to this, they can be easily adapted to both modern and more classic interiors. Sockets, extension cords, connectors, plugs, bells, light switches and other such elements sold in the el12.pl electrical wholesaler are available in various variants depending on the color, size and functions they fulfill. Using modern solutions, instead of the classic single-pole switch, you can choose a dimmer that allows you to adjust the light intensity. In order to make it easier for the customer to choose, each of the products is described in detail, e.g. in terms of size or mounting method.