Industrial fuse link WT/NH-00C KOMBI gG 16A 500 - delayed 004181205

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Manufacturer: ETI POLAM
Model: WT/NH-00C ESTATE gG/gL 16A 500
Rated voltage [V]: 500
Rated current [A]: 16
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Product description

Industrial fuse links are designed to protect electrical installations against the effects of short circuits and overloads. The operation of the gG slow-blow fuse-link at small overloads is slower than that of fast-acting fuse-links, and very fast in the event of a short-circuit. They have a double activation indicator and are mounted in the fuse bases with the use of an insulating holder. Insulation class C-VDE 0110.

Technical data

  • Model
    WT/NH-00C ESTATE gG/gL 16A 500
  • Rated current [A]
  • Application
    Securing electrical devices and installations
  • Rated voltage [V]
  • Type
    Industrial porcelain fuse link

Other technical data

  • Voltage type
  • Rated switching capacity
    120 kA
  • Type of fuse status indicator
    Combination fuse status indicator
  • Rated current
    16 A
  • Utilization category
    gL/gG (ochrona instalacji elektroenergetycznych przed skutk. zwarć i przeciążeń)

Bulk packaging

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