Industrial fuse-link - motor KOMBI WT-1/aM 250A K 004184419

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Manufacturer: ETI POLAM
Rated current [A]: 250
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Product description

Industrial fuse-links with aM characteristics are designed to protect switchgear and electric motor power supply circuits, because fuse-links with gL or gG characteristics do not provide sufficient protection for these devices. They are made in all standard sizes for all standard rated currents and voltages up to 690 V. Their basic task is to enable full use of the switchgear in the range of inrush currents and to protect the contactor contacts against damage in the event of a short circuit. It should be emphasized that these inserts have a short-circuit characteristic, i.e. they protect devices against short-circuit. They should cooperate with an additional overcurrent device.

Technical data

  • Rated current [A]

Other technical data

  • Voltage type
  • Rated switching capacity
    25 kA
  • Rated current
    250 A
  • Utilization category
    aM (switchgear protection)

Bulk packaging

A kind of package Pudełko Pudełko
Quantity 3 pcs. 24 pcs.
Weight (kg) 1,280 -
Volume (m3) 0,001 -
Width (m) 0,140 -
Length (m) 0,143 -
Depth (m) 0,070 -

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