Industrial fast fuse link WT-00/gF 50A 004114336

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Manufacturer: ETI POLAM
Rated voltage [V]: 500
Rated current [A]: 50
Weight [g]: 198
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Product description

The body of the fuse link is made of full-fledged steatite, which is very resistant to thermal loads. Covers made of aluminum are permanently resistant to corrosion. In the inner part of the ceramic body there is a copper fusing element, which is attached to a specially prepared inner part of the knife contact. In addition, the interior of the ceramic body is filled with quartz sand of carefully selected granulation. Knife contacts are made of both copper and brass, and are protected by a layer of silver. The novelties include fuse links with a trip indicator in the frontal part of its body, as well as insulated hooks for inserting and removing fuse-links from the base, and a fuse-link with a striker.

Technical data

  • Rated voltage [V]
  • Weight [g]
  • Rated current [A]
  • Rated short-circuit capacity [kA]
    115, 120

Other technical data

  • Voltage type
  • Rated switching capacity
    110 kA
  • Type of fuse status indicator
    Top fuse status indicator
  • Rated current
    50 A
  • Utilization category

Bulk packaging

A kind of package Pudełko Pudełko
Quantity 3 pcs. 90 pcs.
Weight (kg) 2,040 -
Volume (m3) 0,002 -
Width (m) 0,164 -
Length (m) 0,180 -
Depth (m) 0,065 -

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