Eaton Electric is a manufacturer of the highest quality industrial automation, signaling, switching, protection and installation equipment as well as low-voltage power distribution systems. The company is recognized by many Classification Societies and has a Quality Assurance System Certificate according to ISO 9001. International awards and certificates prove that Eaton Electric products meet the latest safety standards and quality requirements. All our products guarantee long-term operation. Thanks to innovative engineering solutions, gained experience and a very wide range of products and a strong brand, Eaton Electric maintains a leading position on the market as a well-known manufacturer in the electrotechnical industry. In addition to innovative products and modern technological solutions, Eaton Electric is characterized by a strong management department, a good reputation in terms of safety, reliability and service, and the size of the market served. Quick response to technological progress, continuous research work on the development of its products (the company has its own accredited research laboratory in Bonn) and a new production strategy, ensure Eaton Electric continuous increase in turnover, while enabling the implementation of further, new investments.