The portable protective earthing device is used to protect the workplace at power network and substation devices. Its main advantage is the ability to connect to the earthing part of devices isolated from the ground and intentionally disconnected from the voltage. Earthing devices operate in such a way that they are put on the device (e.g. overhead line wires) immediately after finding the absence of voltage. With high-voltage equipment, all parts on which work will be performed should be grounded and short-circuited. However, for low and very low voltage devices, grounding and short-circuiting is necessary only when there is a risk that the switched off device may become live (e.g. during work on overhead lines crossing other lines). The basic elements of a portable earthing device include one or more phase clamps, a conductor shorting the phase clamps, an earthing conductor, which in single earthing devices is also a shorting conductor, an earthing clamp. The appropriate selection of earthing devices depends on the specified short-circuit time and short-circuit current of the maximum expected value. When installing a portable earthing device, first connect the earthing clamp of the earthing device to the earth electrode (e.g. pole reinforcement, protective clamp or auxiliary earthing device), and then, using an insulating stick, attach the earthing device clamps (phase clamps) to the parts to be earthed. Removal of the earthing device should be carried out in the reverse order. In any case, at the very beginning of the work, it is necessary to make sure that the earthing devices are properly selected for the parameters of a short-circuit that could occur in the workplace. The offer of the store includes accessories that help ensure safety when working on electrical installations. These include electrical insulating mat, insulated mats, protective helmet for electrician, face shield, safety handle, gloves, grease and acid-resistant electrical insulating mat (to cover live elements) or electrical insulating mat with non-slip surface.