Wires and cables for data transmission


Data cables

In recent years, information communication infrastructure has played an increasingly important role through faster information processing. The condition for this process is the efficient connection of elements that would not be possible without data cables. Such transmission requires high throughput and, above all, a guarantee that the continuity of the signal will be maintained.

In this category you can find:

  • data transmission cables and TV aerials,
  • computer twisted pair links,
  • computer links in screen,
  • data transmission cables and TV audio.

Depending on the application, we can also divide data transmission cables into external and internal. Outdoor cables exposed to rain, snow or mechanical damage have additional protection.

All data transmission cables we offer are manufactured by proven brands. In addition to quality, we also take safety into account – our products have the necessary approvals and meet technological standards. A wide range of products will make it easy for you to find cables with the right parameters for your installation!