Crimping tools for cables and wires


Crimping tools for cables and wires

A cable press (also called a crimper) is one of the basic tools in every electrician's workshop. This device is used, as its name indicates, for crimping, and to be more precise, for crimping the ends of wires and cables that, for example, have been shortened. Thanks to this, they can safely and effectively create permanent electrical connections, despite previously carried out modifications on them.

Cables are shortened for various reasons, e.g. when a part of them is damaged and there is a need to remove the defect, and then connect the remaining part of the cable, e.g. with a plug. It is also one of the basic ways to save twisted cables.

After shortening, however, it is necessary to properly machine and protect the end of the damaged element. This is where cable presses come in handy. It is an accessory that looks like classic pliers. However, they have been designed in such a way as to quickly and without much trouble create durable and reliable connections that actually extend the life of the wires.

Types of cable presses

The cable press comes in three basic types:

  • manual press,
  • hydraulic press,
  • pneumatic press.

The first type is used to make very simple crimps on terminals and connectors with small diameters. The operation of this type of equipment is based entirely on the power of human hands.

For thicker cables, mechanical solutions are recommended - pneumatic or manual hydraulic presses, in which work is supported by compressed air. This equipment is more technologically advanced.

Hydraulic models are ideal for the thickest wires, while pneumatic crimpers are a good solution for processing more cables that require high precision.

Crimping tool for RJ45 cables

The standard cable crimper is suitable for crimping virtually any wire. However, there are special types of this type of accessories that are designed for specific types of cables. We are talking about RJ45 crimping machines, with the help of which you can safely and professionally process wires used to build computer or teleinformation networks. They are used to connect, for example, Internet modems or traditional landline telephones. Such presses have terminal sockets for four-, six- and eight-pin connectors.

Due to the popularity of fiber-optic solutions, presses designed for crimping this type of cable also appear on the market. Thanks to them, you can make some modifications or alterations to the wiring yourself at home, without having to contact a specialist with this problem.

Prim for connectors

A common type of cable crimping tool is the connector crimper. It is a hand-held tool used for attaching terminals, quick connectors and connector connectors to wires. The attachment works quickly and efficiently. It is one of the basic elements in the equipment of specialists in the field of electricity, electromechanics, car mechanics, etc. Such a press can also be freely used by amateurs. It is ideal for simple cable processing at home.

Sleeve presses

There are also special ferrule crimpers. This tool looks like pliers. His pliers, however, have special protrusions and indentations of a certain diameter. They are used to clamp a sleeve of a given size.

The crimper allows you to get an effect similar to soldering – connects stripped single or multi-core conductors, equipped with a suitable terminal. Normally, ferrule presses can finish both insulated and non-insulated ferrules.

The most popular are models adapted to eye and spade ferrules (dimensions 6-25 mm2). There are also models adapted to larger elements (up to 35 mm2). On the market you can also find presses for hexagonal sleeves. They perfectly match their cross-section, which guarantees optimal clamping force.

Sleeve presses can also be equipped with movable clamping jaws, located in the central part of the head. Such fittings have a special socket in which the sleeve requiring machining is inserted.

In addition, there are crimpers with interchangeable dies, aimed at wires with specific, very specific diameters (mainly larger sizes).

Prims for cables and wires in the offer of the store

The store offers a very wide selection of crimping tools for cables and wires. We have tools that will be used both to make very simple, basic terminals, as well as those adapted to more advanced electrical works.

Our product range includes classic crimping tools, crimping tools with replaceable dies, high-quality hydraulic crimping tools, plug crimping tools, crimping tools for twisted contacts, manual crimping tools for front end crimping of ferrules, dies for photovoltaic terminals, electrohydraulic crimping tools , as well as many smaller components, such as bending punches, pressure gauges, a set of crimp ends, etc.

This category of products includes equipment from reputable manufacturers. We sell products, including by HAUPA.

The offered accessories are designed for cables and cross-sections in the range of 0.08 mm – 185mm.

All orders placed in our store are processed within a maximum of three working days. The exception is when a given product is not currently in stock. During this time, the shipping time may be extended to several weeks.

Information about the expected delivery time of the purchased equipment appears on the card of each product, next to the technical specification. In case of any questions or doubts related to the availability of individual presses or elements for crimping machines, please contact our Customer Service Department.