Control cassettes

Control boxes are used in construction and industry and are one of the elements of equipment for lifting and transport devices used for vertical or horizontal movement of all kinds of loads. They are used to control power lines, machine tools, remote control devices and many other machines, which is why they are one of the basic elements of industrial electrical installations. They can be found on various stationary machines, on trolleys with electric drive, as well as on transport rollers used to move goods.

Since these devices often work in demanding conditions, the housing of the control pendant must be made of durable plastic, which will provide additional protection for the elements built inside. Some control boxes and boxes with a safety button have increased resistance to the impact of the external environment.

The buttons and cassettes are adapted to work in electrical circuits with a switching voltage not exceeding 400V AC and 230V DC. Control cassettes can be used e.g. elements such as a mushroom push button, key switch or rotary switch. The materials used to build the cassettes are resistant to weather conditions, temperature changes and are shockproof, and the IP65 level ensures protection against liquids or dust.

Types of control pendants

Depending on the degree of sophistication of the solutions used, we can distinguish small cassettes with one button (for example, a control button or a safety button) and two-button cassettes, intended for START - STOP control. Such solutions can most often be found in machines with a motor or other drive element.

Another division of this type of devices distinguishes the following groups:

  • cassettes for direct control - they are used for direct control of drives by connecting power circuits. These types of devices have an IP 65 degree of protection, which means that they are fully protected against dust and completely protected against water. Cassettes are designed to work in temperatures from -25 to +70 degrees Celsius;
  • cassettes for indirect control - are used to control drives via electromagnetic switches, i.e. contactors and relays. This type of cassette is also protected against dust and water. Casing of the cassettes for indirect control is made of polypropylene;
  • empty control boxes - designed and adapted for mounting mechanical conveyor systems.

The EL12 offer includes control pendants from renowned manufacturers, e.g. one-, two- and three-hole and crane cassettes.