Connecting cables and wires

Connecting cables and wires


Connecting cables and wires

There is probably no electrical installation that would not require appropriate connections of cables and wires for proper and efficient operation. Whatever the purpose of such work, it must be carried out with precision and with the right equipment. In the past, connecting wires was tedious and complicated. The basis was, for example, mastering the art of soldering. Due to the products available on the market, creating such connections is much easier and can be done even if you do not have advanced knowledge in the field of electricity. This category includes accessories that help to connect cables and wires together.

Before starting such works, you should first verify the parameters of the wires, carefully consider the method of assembly and consider its purpose. The primary principle of creating connections is to choose safe and optimal solutions. Therefore, everything should be done to ensure that the binder is completely tight and does not negatively affect the operation of the entire network. Otherwise, a failure may occur, which in extreme cases will end in fire. The connection of the wires should also be as simple as possible – if it is not necessary, it is best to opt for the least invasive methods of joining, because in this case it is easier to hide the wires later, and to disconnect them if necessary.

What to use to connect cables and wires?

Various types of accessories are used to create effective cable connections. The most popular are the so-called terminal strips. They allow you to connect the wires together by placing them in small electrical cubes with specially designed holes. The method of assembly is trivial – previously stripped wire ends are placed inside the product. The position of the cable is fixed with a special screw. Thanks to this, the risk of loosening the created connection is reduced. Cubes are a very universal solution, the more so that there are models with holes of various sizes available on the market. This allows them to be used both for very thin and thicker wires.

Another, very simple and effective way to connect wires is to use connectors. These are simple products, thanks to which you can make a quick, aesthetic and stable connection of two separate elements of the electrical network. There are many types of this type of equipment. They differ in construction and intended use. One can distinguish, for example, screw connectors, which, similarly to the previously described cubes, allow you to tighten the cables by tightening a special screw. However, there are special screwless copies without this element. They usually do not guarantee such a precise connection, which is why they are most often used to connect cables of a slightly smaller size. In addition, there are threaded connectors (universal, used, for example, to connect wire wires and links in electrical switchboards), fuse connectors, connectors adapted to LED lighting or rail connectors.

An idea for quick connection of cables and wires

An interesting way to create a cable connection is to use the so-called quick coupler. Thanks to this product, the merging of wires takes place without the use of any additional tools. All thanks to a special, most often unscrewed cap. Such a connection is permanent, and at the same time the valve can be easily dismantled and used to create another combination.

Connecting cables and wires with multi-plugs

The connection of cables and wires is also possible with multi-plugs. This is usually a small-sized mechanism that allows you to place even several wires of various types in one plug using a spring clip. This product provides a secure and durable connection that can be used in both home and industrial networks. Multi-plugs are also valued for their small dimensions, very easy assembly, universal character and low failure rate.

Connectors also allow you to connect cables. In other words, terminals crimped on wires. They are used to prepare the cable for a given type of connector. Sleeves are also used very often. They also allow the cable to be adapted to be placed in a given connecting accessory. They additionally protect the contact and provide greater voltage conductivity. It is also worth mentioning about all the heat-shrinkable assortment. These are very simple products used to additionally isolate joints and strengthen the joint. Most often you can find them in the form of small rubber sleeves that are pulled over two connected wires. Such a clamp is heat treated. Under the influence of temperature, the jacket shrinks and carefully surrounds the wires, creating a protective layer on them.

Connecting cables and wires and offer

The offer of the online store includes many elements necessary to make the correct connection of cables and wires. With us you can find e.g. multi-plugs (housings and inserts), various types of cable terminals, including aluminum, copper, insulated, sleeves and pins. We also offer a wide selection of connectors, including multi-level connectors, female connectors, spacers for ZSG (ZUG), taps, initiators, etc.

We offer equipment only from reputable manufacturers. You can buy accessories from such brands as ABB, AN-KOM, Atel, EM Group, Ensto, Ergom, Hager, Haupa, Eaton, Narva, Pawbol, SEZ, RadPol, 3M, Viplast, Simet, Phoenix, Lumax, Finder , Wieland, Emiter, Baks and many others.

Individual accessories are available in various technical configurations. For example, connectors with a specific number of connectors (from one to sixteen) are available. In addition, the models have been grouped into series. Their number is very large – we have products in the range from 209 to 2273. In turn, cable terminals can be selected for the appropriate cross-section of the wire. There are units available for sale for veins with dimensions from 0.14 to 95 square millimeters.

We try to ensure that customers' orders are carried out in the shortest possible time. Usually purchased products arrive at the indicated address within a maximum of three working days. Parcels are sent via a courier company. However, it happens that a given accessory is currently not available in our warehouse. At that time, the execution of such an order may take up to several weeks. Information about stock levels and estimated delivery time is always available on the product card, just below the technical specification of the equipment. If you have any questions or doubts about the availability of a selected product, please contact us.