Classic LED bulbs (bulbs)

LED bulbs are modern and energy-saving lamps that glow thanks to light-emitting diodes. These diodes are made of double-layer semiconductors, and their operation is based on the fact that when electricity is supplied, electrons pass from one layer to the other. The passage of electrons is accompanied by the emission of excess energy in the form of light. LED bulbs are characterized by, among others: longer operating time (LED lamps work up to 50,000 hours, and the working time of traditional light bulbs is about 1,000 hours) and lower operating temperature, and thus reduced energy consumption. They are also more resistant to impacts and shocks because the LED luminaires are made of plastic. The EL 12 LED bulbs available from renowned manufacturers have not only a variety of colors, but also shapes.

Which LED bulb to choose as a traditional one?

When buying LED lighting, you should take into account luminous flux power expressed in lumens (the more, the stronger the light emitted by the bulb). A 15W LED replacement bulb should have a light output of 136 lm, a 60W value should emit a luminous flux of 806 lumens, and a 100W LED replacement bulb should have a value of 1521 lumens.

Important features of LED bulbs

Another important element is the beam angle of the bulb. A properly selected value of lumens together with the appropriate light distribution will help to illuminate the entire room or highlight a selected element of the interior.

As in the case of traditional light bulbs, you also need to remember to choose the right thread (each thread has a symbol and marking, and the relevant information should be found on the bulb packaging) .

Other important elements when choosing are light color (cold, warm or natural), color rendering index (it determines how natural the colors of the illuminated object look) and energy efficiency.

The packaging of LED bulbs also includes the estimated number of switching on and off of the product. The highest quality lamps can theoretically last up to 100,000 cycles, while among standard products it is usually about 30,000 cycles. durability, understood as the estimated lamp operating time in hours, will also be useful information.