Candle bulbs
Candle bulbs (like spherical) belong to the so-called. small-size bulbs, therefore they are particularly suitable for decorative lighting fixtures, e.g. ceiling, wall or standing fixtures. Classic candle bulbs are often also used in kitchen hoods. The manufacturers' offer includes bulbs with a matted bulb, which are recommended for use wherever a light source is visible. They work well in this type of applications because, thanks to the increased illuminating surface, they eliminate the likelihood of glare. In addition, bulb bulbs usually have the shape of a flame or a candle, which is their additional advantage when arranging lighting and decorative installations. Small-size bulbs are mainly equipped with E14 sockets. This is the classic small screw thread - also known as small Edison thread. Commonly used in households, most often in less powerful installations (e.g. desk lamps, small chandeliers). The diameter of such a thread is 14 mm. E14 bulbs are 230V. These types of light sources are also offered in the LED version. When choosing an E14 LED bulb, pay attention to its color of light, because LED lighting is divided into three basic colors: warm, daylight and cold. The first of them is most often used in home lighting, in rooms intended for rest. The second type of lighting is very often used in corridors and bathrooms, and the cold color works best in lighting rooms where work is performed. El12's offer includes, among others: shockproof bulbs, decorative bulbs and incandescent lamps.
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