Cable terminals

In the category of connectors for electrical wires, as well as cable terminals, there are termination elements appropriately matched to the ports or sockets of the devices to which they are connected. Such elements allow for professional protection of cables without the risk of failure. Our offer includes cable terminals of various types, including protective (to protect the cables against mechanical damage) and clamp (prevent their disconnection or falling out of the sockets). We also have connectors that are placed at the end of the cable. Properly selected cable connectors on the cable terminals enable further connection of cables to another cable, device or power source. This is the basic equipment necessary for electronic works. Our offer also includes insulated cable lugs, shield connectors, sleeves and pins – thanks to this, you can buy all the necessary products in one place. The electronic accessories we offer are available in many sizes, so when selecting components, pay attention to whether the suggested size will be appropriate for a specific type of cable.

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