Cable and measurement connectors

Cable connectors are devices to which a low voltage line is connected in order to supply the recipient with an internal power line. They serve as end connectors or through, therefore the construction, quality and location of cable connectors must comply with many standards. Depending on the needs, these elements can be used for:

  • electricity distribution,
  • energy measurement,
  • to protect against the effects of overloads and short circuits in low voltage cable networks.

Cable connectors also make it possible to leave the low-voltage cable route and supply the recipient with an internal power line. Cable, cable-measurement and measurement connectors are manufactured based on thermosetting housings and metal housings, they can be installed outside buildings in a free-standing version with a foundation, as a wall or to be mounted in the building facade.

Connectors are also used, among others, in for the construction of switchboards. The el12 offer includes low-voltage electrical switchboards as well as metal and plastic enclosures manufactured by leading European manufacturers. The el12 warehouse provides comprehensive equipment needed to design and build modern, safe and convenient switchgear cabinets. Cooperation with reputable manufacturers of accessories and qualified staff translate into the highest standards of quality and safety of the offered product, while wide access to components and materials significantly speeds up the order fulfillment process. The team of the el12 prefabrication department specializes in the assembly of switchboards up to 1000V for rated currents up to 4000A. The clear system of marking connectors and cables used in the cabinets facilitates their operation even after a long period of use, and also speeds up finding the control elements.

The offer includes both surface-mounted and flush-mounted switchgears and enclosures for a wide range of applications - from small installations in apartments or small companies to large production and industrial halls. They provide aesthetic protection for modular equipment.

How cable connectors are built

Cable connectors are elements of the low voltage (nN) cable power network. The basic components of cable connectors are:

  • protections of individual cable lines (usually in the form of fuse bases or fuse switch disconnectors adapted to the installation of fuse links of the appropriate size),
  • main current circuits made of copper or aluminum flat bars, the cross-section of which is calculated on the basis of the rated current values of the cable connector,
  • Neutral-protective PEN rail, which allows you to connect the earth in the cable connector. The PEN rail should be adapted to the assembly of short-circuiting devices installed during service works on a given section of the power network.

The cable connector can be installed:

  • on the facade of the building - a recess in the wall or a special box is used. They must be located at least 15 centimeters above ground level and located so that access to the connector is easy, quick and safe if necessary;
  • as free-standing - in the case of overhead connections, the connector should be 1.5 meters above the ground.

Because the efficiency and safety of the electrical installation in the entire building depends on the cable connector, it should be of good quality, made in accordance with legal and technical standards (which is confirmed by appropriate approvals and certificates). As a general rule, an installation may include more than one cable connector, but one cable connector should not serve more than one facility. The exception is “semi-detached” and terraced houses (in technical terms, they are one object used by more than one entity).

Types of cable and measurement connectors

Depending on the application in cable lines, the following are distinguished:

  • nodal connectors,
  • pass-through connectors,
  • end connectors.

Appropriate use of node, end or feed-through cable connectors makes it possible to create a power network structure in the form of branches, loops or end points of power supply to consumers.

The store offers the following products:

  1. free-standing insulation cable and measurement connectors

This subcategory includes connectors and housings. The measuring connector is intended for the installation of a three-phase measuring system for one customer and pre- and post-meter protections.

The thermosetting enclosures (ST and STN types) available in the el12 offer are composed of elements made of SMC type thermosetting material. All enclosures have prepared places for mounting supporting structures for electrical apparatus. They are characterized by a modular structure (which allows for any configuration of the switchgear), corrugated surface (which additionally strengthens the structure) and a good gravitational ventilation system.

  1. overhead cable connectors

In this subcategory you can find pole connectors for use in lighting poles with an internal diameter of not less than 95 mm. The connectors available in the el12 assortment are made of the following materials: integrated terminal strip - PBT (polybutylene terephthalate - a material with high insulation parameters and high mechanical strength); connector cover and cover for terminals and wires - transparent polycarbonate; connector base - glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate; the openings of the cable outlets are secured with gaskets.

Connector housing

Cable connectors available on the market can be made in protection class I or II. Most often, they have a housing made of thermosetting plastic, which can be additionally varnished to provide temporary resistance to UV radiation and the impact of environmental conditions.

The connector housing is made of aluminum sheet by welding or riveting individual elements, it can be powder coated in any color. This type of housing is characterized by high resistance to degradation, UV radiation and adverse weather conditions. The size of the housing should be adapted to the individual needs of the customer and the type of equipment so that the whole is safe and comfortable to use.