Breve Tufvassons was founded in 1989 by three Poles who still manage it today. From the very beginning, the company specialized in the production of transformers, but over time it expanded its offer to include power supplies, chokes and fan speed controllers. In later years, the growing company invited a Swedish partner to cooperate, who remains a shareholder to this day. Breve Tufvassons has been guided by the principle of continuous improvement of management, sales and production methods from the very beginning. The result is the position of a leader in the production of transformers in Poland and an exporter to all neighboring, but also very distant countries. The advantages of Breve are, above all, highly qualified employees and a stable management board, but also attention to ensuring the highest quality of products. Focusing on continuous improvement of quality, but also on developing close, professional relationships with customers, translates into a wide range of products that perfectly meet the requirements of customers. ADDTECH, the Swedish shareholder of Breve Tufvassons, is a company consisting of 110 high-tech companies operating in the Nordic countries. ADDTECH provides a constant supply of the latest production, sales and marketing management technologies.