Battery is the smallest and simplest power source for portable devices that we use every day. Thanks to them, we can use such equipment as music players, TV remote controls, watches and many others. Batteries, unlike rechargeable batteries, are intended for single use only. Once exhausted, there is no way to recharge them. Nevertheless, mainly due to their low price, they enjoy unflagging popularity.

When we talk about batteries, we mainly mean alkaline models. It is a special type of galvanic cell in which the role of the electrolyte is played by a special alkaline solution with alkaline properties. Such a battery is able to supply energy to the selected device due to the chemical reaction that takes place between zinc and manganese(IV) oxide (Zn/MnO2).

Alkaline vs Carbon Zinc Batteries

At first glance, these two products are no different. The secret, however, lies in the electrolyte, which in the case of carbon-zinc batteries consists of ammonium chloride. Compared to the solution from alkaline cells, this solution provides lower efficiency and life of the energy source. This also affects the price of the product, because zinc batteries are simply cheaper.

Basic types of batteries

Individual battery models differ primarily in capacity and dimensions. Depending on how large the device requiring such power is and how much energy it needs, a different type of cells is used. The most popular are the so-called AA batteries, commonly called “fingers”. They power clocks, toys, portable media players and many other household appliances.

Slightly smaller (both in terms of size and capacity) are AAA batteries. In shape, they resemble the ”sticks” described above, but their dimensions are respectively 4.45 cm in length and 1.05 cm in diameter. Such cells usually power TV remote controls, computer mice, wireless keyboards and many other devices that require small energy resources for proper operation.

It is also worth mentioning, for example, 9V cells characterized by a specific housing in the shape of a cuboid. It is a battery made of six AAAA cells connected in series, which is used to power e.g. large toys, radios, etc. The dimensions of this battery are 4.85 x 2.62 x 1.7 cm.

There are also type C batteries, referred to as R14 (in the case of alkaline models) or LR14 (in the case of carbon-zinc cells). They are larger than AA batteries in every way. They are used to power, for example, large flashlights.

In addition, we can distinguish flat batteries, installed in watches or small electronic equipment, or large D batteries (popular R20), which are used for portable equipment requiring large amounts of energy, and many others.

Reliable batteries in the offer

This category includes various types of batteries used to power appliances used every day in every home. On you can find e.g. standard cells, which are presented above, as well as specialized batteries such as R14, R20, R6, CR2032, A76, E23A, CR2032, CR2016, CR2025, 186, 189, watch batteries, etc. We sell an assortment from renowned producer We offer batteries from brands such as Energizer, GP Batteries, Phillips, Breve and Schneider Electric. We have products operating at rated voltages of 1.2, 1.5, 3, 4.5, 9 and 230 V. We sell both alkaline and carbon-zinc batteries.

When ordering batteries at, you can be sure that your purchases will reach the indicated address as soon as possible. Orders are usually processed within three business days. If a given product is not currently in our stock, then the waiting period for the shipment may be extended to several weeks. Information about the expected delivery time can be found on the card of each product, just below its technical specification. If you have any questions or doubts regarding the battery or the rest of the assortment, please contact us.

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