Power limiter / rail / OM-611 OM-611

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Manufacturer: F&F
Power recovery time [s]: 15-300
Hysteresis [%]: 2
Number of contacts: 0NO 0NC
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Product description

Intended use
The power consumption limiter OM-611 is used to automatically disconnect the power supply to a single-phase installation circuit when the set value of power consumed by the receivers in the relay measuring circuit is exceeded. Operation
The limiter is adapted to work with a current transformer, the primary circuit of which is connected to the measured circuit, and the output to the OM measuring terminals, which allows you to control circuits of any load capacity setting the actual relay activation threshold higher than 5A (IOM). The range of the measured current will depend on the transformer ratio, e.g. from 5A to 50A with a ratio of 10:1 for a 50/5A transformer. The current of measurement input 4-6 must not exceed 5A. green (U). When the current in the measured circuit is lower than the set IOM switching threshold, the contact will be closed (position 7-10). Exceeding the set threshold in the measured circuit is signaled by pulsating red LED I>. After the set time Tdelay the contact will open (position 7-12). The contact will close automatically after the set Treturn time. If the current value in the measured circuit is still higher than the set threshold, the contact will open again.

Actuation threshold - adjustable [A]0, 5-5


Technical data

  • Power recovery time [s]
  • Number of contacts
    0NO 0NC
  • Installation
    On the TH-35 rail
  • Tripping delay
  • connection
    2.5mm screw terminals
  • Dimensions
    1 module (18mm)
  • Package width [mm]
  • Hysteresis [%]
  • Power [W]
  • Rated voltage [V]
  • load current [A]
  • Working temperature [°C]
  • Package height [mm]
  • Package weight [kg]
    0, 1

Other technical data

  • Nominal measuring voltage
    230 V
  • Nominal operating current
    16 A
  • Rated control supply voltage AC 50 Hz
    0 ... 0 V
  • Krótkozwłoczny
  • Frequency measuring voltage
    50 Hz
  • Number of phases
  • Voltage type

Bulk packaging

A kind of package Sztuka
Quantity 1 pcs.
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Width (m) 0,019
Length (m) 0,095
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