Automation - switches and bistable relays and many others

Automation - switches and bistable relays and many others



Industrial automation is a field of technology dealing with the automation of production and technological processes in industry. The products we offer help reduce the risk of situations that are dangerous to life and health, as well as facilitate functioning at home or in the company. We offer solutions for manufacturing and service companies, but also for people who want to create their own smart home. The devices we offer are made of the best quality materials and have all the necessary technical certificates.

Wide selection of automation in one place

The assortment includes various types of switches: bistable, double cross, overvoltage, overcurrent, 3-phase motor, short-circuit, RCD, and anti-shock. In our store you can also find all kinds of switches, which are the main element of any electrical installation. In addition to basic stair switches, both single and double, we also have double-pole switches.

The assortment also includes relays (bistable, voltage-free and phase control), sensors, transmitters and all kinds of receivers. Check out our offer and invest in your security today!