is a Polish company operating in the metallurgical industry. It specializes in the distribution of materials protecting against corrosion elements for the construction of various types of pipelines. Atagor was established in 2005. The company's offer is divided into the following sections: gas, oil, pipelines, mining, environment, chemistry, energy, marine industry and electrical engineering, installations, industry, construction. As part of the former, Atagor distributes, among others: - anti-corrosion coatings (classes A, B, and C as well as liquid and UV coatings), - heat-shrinkable, repair, viscoelastic materials, - tools for spark-free surface treatment, - composite pipes and fittings, - various accessories (warning tapes, insulating foils, valves, spacer skids, filling compounds, etc.), - as well as diagnostic devices and equipment necessary for the so-called cathodic protection. In the field of chemistry, energy and marine industry, Atagor offers e.g. GRP composite pipes and fittings, elements of the regeneration system for working pipelines and tanks, specialized protective coatings, elements for liquidation of leaks and many others. From the last mentioned branch, Atagor offers various types of tapes, foils, systems of pipes, cables and insulating masses. In addition, the company is an official and authorized representative in Poland of Canusa and VonRollHydro products. Atagor also offers customers service care, a systematic review of the devices sold and training in their use. According to the information contained on the official website of the company, Atagor has the ISO 9001 quality management certificate. The company's motto is "development through innovation, improvement through change, which is an opportunity, not a threat." Currently, the company has three branches in Poland - in Kraków, Poznań and Warsaw. The largest investments with the use of Atagor products include the "Włocławek" drilling and the maintenance of the overhead crossing of the river with the gas pipeline in Przeworsk.