Aluminum rails

Aluminum rails are used to construct switchgears for electrical installations and distribution stations. This is an important element from the point of view of the safety of using the power network, because an orderly and well-described switchgear is the basis for a well-functioning installation. An important role in its equipment is played by busbars to which individual circuits and distribution fields are connected.

The El12 offer includes various types of rails (loading and support rails) that differ in structure, length, shape, etc. There are also rails with a connection set, specialized holders and brackets for mounting, guides for hanging building elements, assembly crossbars.

Aluminum rails in the switchgear

The switchgear is a basic set of busbars, panels and distribution, protection, measuring, control and signaling devices, which, together with additional elements (e.g. insulating and shielding), form a system capable of distributing electricity, at one rated voltage.

Connection systems of power substations are divided into busbar systems (containing separate busbars) and barless systems. Among the rail systems, one-system, two-system and three-system schemes are distinguished. In addition, each busbar system of the station can be divided into sections and supplemented with auxiliary (bypass) busbars.

Single, double and triple track system

A single busbar system is characterized by simple construction, transparency of the connection system and the lowest implementation costs, but it does not guarantee reliability of power supply and flexibility in operation. The dual system is much more reliable when it comes to power supply, while the triple system is used in large switchboards and substations, in industrial solutions (in this scheme, two systems are and the third is a backup system).

The use of busbars saves space in the switchgear or control cabinet.

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