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Heat-shrinkable breakout boots for medium voltage up to 36 kV, red color AKR 4 TKP3K135566428D1

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Product description

AKR (red), AKB and AKF (black) heat shrink breakout boots are mainly intended for sealing the place where cables exit from the mechanical sheath (plastic or metal pipes) mounted on a medium voltage overhead line pole. The breakout shrunk on the cables protects against the penetration of: water, dust, insects and other impurities into the casing pipe. Breakout boots are designed for low and medium voltage cables. Long-term and reliable operation of breakout boots is ensured by resistance to UV radiation, aggressive chemical agents and creeping currents. Made of high-quality cross-linked polymer, thanks to which they are resistant to creeping currents and erosion (anti-tracking). They have excellent insulating and sealing properties.

The inner surfaces of breakout boots are covered with a layer of hot melt adhesive.
Working temperature: AKB: from -30°C to +135°C, AKR: from -40°C to +120°C, AKF: -30°C to +135°C.
Shrink temperature: > +125°C.
Elongation at break: minimum 300%.
Resistivity cross section: AKB: minimum 1013 µcm, AKR: minimum 1012 µcm, AKF: minimum 1013 µcm.
Non-corrosive in contact with copper.
UV resistant.
Resistant to creepage currents (red boots - AKR).
Dielectric strength: minimum 10kV/mm.
Resistance to heat stroke: no cracking or material flow (measured for 4 hours at +250°C).
Aging thermal properties: no cracking or material flow (measured during 500 h at +120°C).
Standard colours:
AKB, AKF: black
AKR: red

Technical data

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