90° angled copper ring eyelet, tin-plated 25mm² for M6 screw 5 pcs. SE90-02506

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Manufacturer: TRYTYT
Material: Electrolytic copper
Pieces in the package: 5
Inner diameter [mm]: 5.5
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Product description

SE90 series copper tubular lugs (galvanic tin plated) for crimping. They enable the termination of copper cable cores, they are used where it is necessary to connect the cable coming perpendicularly (at an angle of 90o) to, for example, a switchgear, busbar or other device using a screw clamp. The use of SE90 ring terminals increases the safety and durability of this type of connection. In contrast to soldered connections, the use of ring terminals reduces the risk of overheating of wires and insulation. In the case of crimping sector conductors, they should be reformed into “round”.

All copper pipe ring terminals distributed by TRYTYT undergo an additional process of hardening and firing at 700°C. This process removes any impurities from the tip material. Hardened terminals, as opposed to non-hardened terminals, are less likely to develop cracks and micro-cracks during crimping, and thus have better working parameters.

The effectiveness of crimping (fixing the terminal on the cable) depends on the use of an appropriate tool and a die adapted to the cross-section.

Technical data

  • Material
    Electrolytic copper
  • Inner diameter [mm]
  • Screw
  • Pieces in the package
  • Outer diameter [mm]
  • cross section [mm²]